Cloud Horizon Limited believes in giving anyone and everyone an equal opportunity to better themselves financially and as a person, regardless of Race, Religion, Education or Gender.


Cloud Horizon is committed to contributing through its investment strategy, with the fight against plastic waste, which after CO2 is the biggest environmental threat to our planet, and in doing so help create a better tomorrow for all.


To this end, Cloud Horizon has entered into an agreement with Socium Development Co., Ltd. for investment towards strategic project relating directly to Plastic to Fuel Production on a Global Scale.


Cloud Horizon endeavors to deliver products and services of true value in the market place, with main attention on offering products and services that will create savings in individuals’ daily spending, be it at the local store, restaurant, online shop, leisure or travel etc.


The Company offers a unique opportunity for Independent Associates to join the Cloud Horizon Community, and through helping promote the company, its products, services and mission; gain diverse benefits through earning money and saving money in their everyday lives. Additionally, Independent Associates are rewarded for their efforts through an exceptional compensation plan.


Through an exclusive usage agreement Cloud Horizon is able to offer its members an enhanced social media platform called, which along with social networking functionality, offers a loyalty program, a unique merchant platform and attractive cashback program as well as a host of other useful features and benefits.


Cloud Horizon Limited places a high level of importance on business ethics. To this end the Company emphasizes total transparency, adheres to clearly defined codes of conduct, and insists on strict compliance in all areas.

Cloud Horizon Limited was incorporated in June 2013 in the Cayman Islands, with the initial purpose of implementing strategic investments and trading of all kinds.


It is registered under company registration number 279133. Director: Mr.Frank Ricketts (CEO).