Socium Development Co., Ltd is developing a Waste Plastic to Fuel production facility at the Province of Sa Kaeo, Thailand, in a collaboration with the Municipality of Wang Nam Yen.

















Socium Development has decided to use the Legacy-1, Advanced Batch Pyrolysis System as its Pilot Project technology.

Manufactured and installed by our Technology Partners, the machinery allows Socium Development to efficiently launch our production operations at new locations.


120 tonnes of Waste Plastic removed from the environment each month with a primarily focused on Polyolefin waste (PE/PP).

60 tonnes of Low Sulphur Pyrolysis oil produced each month.

30K Euro Sales Revenue per month (Based on the average market price of
the Pyrolysis oil, 0.5 EUR / liter)


Projected Return On Investment starting from 2022


Pilot Phase Investors

60 – 90% per year


1st Expansion Phase Investors

30 – 40% per year


2nd Expansion Investors

25 – 35% per year




Socium Development Company Limited was incorporated in 2020 in Thailand for the purpose of delivering environmentally sustainable projects to help rid the world of plastic waste.

Jussi Veikko Saloranta the Chief Executive Officer can be contacted at by email: or traditional mail at Sukhumvit Soi 36. Napha Sap Soi 5.

10110 Bangkok, Thailand